If you are an active Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, it has been instilled in you since your first class that the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the ultimate equalizer. It has stood true through the test of time from the early pioneer years that leverage will consistently nullify size and strength. This was first showcased by a 175-pound Royce Gracie who entered UFC 1 against three collosal opponents. The videos and pictures taken from that night project a David and Goliath like story as Royce submitted his way to victory.

After that introduction, with images of Royce and many others alike Triangling, Arm-Baring and choking their way to victory over much larger opponents, you may think Jiu-Jitsu being an equalizer is automatically attributed to size, but that isn’t always the case. If you take a look around your average Monday night Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class, there is an underlying form which goes much deeper than size. Normally, every Individual in the class can be compartmentalize into the standard segregative categories such as age, size, race, economical status, career choices, family obligations, etc. however, inside the walls of your Jiu-Jitsu academy, you are the same as the man next to you.

Many would think that when you start to probe and break down all the different things that separates us it would cause a disconnection between students because people usually gravitate towards familiarities, on the mats the opposite happens. Our differences actually unite us. When you step on the mat, you step outside yourself and leave behind the obligations and madness of everyday life. Suddenly life slows down, syncing you into a zen-like state where technique and drilling consume your being. At that point, nothing exists but the collective goal of learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The real beauty of this art is found in this form. You don’t know who you are rolling with is and because of that, it doesn’t matter.

The unity of every Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program from large or small, has linked us all together despite our differences. The outlook we have on Jiu-Jitsu can’t help but influence how you see everything you do in life. Maybe if everyone rolled a little more there would be a little less tension in the world. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for world peace!

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