Facts and Fallacies of Fitness

Facts And Fallacies Of Fitness  by Dr. Mel Siff is a must read and should be in every strength coach and serious athletes library. Unfortunately in our modern day and age, many of us are misguided by the barrage of onset mainstream trends within the fitness industry that seemingly find their way into sub par programming. Dr. Mel Siff has compiled a book of short essays that range from any and every topic related to training athletes. He uses this information to refute pseudo scientific beliefs and replace them with cold hard facts. The information you will find in this book has been accumulated from over a decade of research done by scientist and high caliber athletes. Also, Dr. Siff breaks down the information in an understandable way by inserting only truths regarding physical training. In other words, if you take your training or coaching seriously, this book will serve as a great tool for you. You may find out that your favorite modalities are actually hindering athletic development or that the exercises you stay away from the most could actually be the breakthrough you need for maximal results. But like anything, read for yourself and separate the facts from fallacies.

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