Fight 2 Win 91: Alex Nemeth Wins Via Knee Bar

Alex Nemeth , Fight 2 Win, Grappling , Knee Bar,

This past weekend, Alex Nemeth competed at Fight 2 Win 91 at Sports City in Farmingdale, New Jersey. Alex faced a game opponent in Jesse Shaw and won via Knee Bar inside 45 seconds. In addition, Alex won Submission of the night. We salute you for the extra hard work you have been putting in the past few months. […]

Alex Nemeth Wins The Submission Arena 170 Lbs Combatant Title

Strategic Academy, Submission Arena, Grappling, BJJ, Submission Only

We would like to congratulate Alex Nemeth for winning the The Submission Arena 170lb Top Combatant Title this past Saturday at Paperstreet BJJ in Hatboro, PA. The match featured a best five series with a tough opponent. Check out the video below with some of Alex’s highlights from the event. Also, make sure to stay connected […]

Alex Nemeth Wins At Show The Art SuperFight Series 3

Strategic Academy, BJJ, Grappling, Show The Art

We would like to congratulate Alex Nemeth for winning his SuperFight (NoGi) match against a tough opponent this past Friday at Show The Art SuperFight Series 3. Also, Alex won his match when his opponent tapped in the 9th minute of the SuperFight via inside heel hook. Stay connected with Alex Nemeth via his Facebook page for upcoming […]

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