March 12th – Women’s Only Open Mat

BJJ , Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Self Defense Women's Only Open Mat

A big thank you to all of the amazing women that came out to Strategic’s Women’s only open mat on March 12th, 2023. We shared some great rolls, amazing connections and positive energy! We are happy to continue the momentum and continue to grow the number of ladies on the mat each time. It was […]

Our Youth Mixed Martial Arts Program Has A New Space

Mixed Martial Arts, Self Defense, Little Warriors, MMA , Brazilian jiu-jitsu , kickboxing, wrestling

Mixed Martial Arts is a versatile full-contact combat sport that builds strength, character, and self-esteem.  Are you a fan of Brazilian jiu-jitsu or a kickboxing enthusiast?  Or are you just interested in learning a little self-defense?  MMA classes can help you achieve your goals and gain confidence at the same time. Far too often, people think […]

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