4 Simple Tips to Optimize Your Lunges

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Today, we will focus on 4 simple tips to optimize your lunges with Dr. Eric Vollero of Vollero Athletic Recovery. Our first tip is that the knee should never be the driver of movement in a lunge. Try to keep the knee as a fixed point to allow maximal recruitment of hip muscles.

Tip 2, Make sure to try this out to keep yourself honest while doing you’re at home lunges. The only way to truly benefit from lunges is if you can move through reps without sacrificing your back.

Tip 3, did you ever think that your pinky toe could be so important for your lunges? Try this out and see if you notice a difference.

Tip 4, how stabile are you Hips? And should you even be adding weight to your lunges yet? This is why you will benefit greatly from taking the weights off and fixing up the hips first”

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