The Brandon Tyler Narleski
Martial Arts Scholarship


Strategic Academy will be offering numerous scholarship opportunities starting at the beginning of every calender year. The mission of the scholarships is provide a no cost outlet to a student in the community so they can pursue training in the martial arts as a way to harvest and develop their focus, self-confidence, mental & physical health along with communication skills while concentrating on their scholastic studies.

Initial Scholarship Eligibility Requirements:

*If selected, student must participate in a meeting with the Strategic Academy management and students legal guardian(s) prior to attending classes.

Dates: 1/1/2024 - 12/31/2024

Student must be enrolled in the Sayreville Public School System. Strategic Academy has the right to revoke any scholarship award if terms and conditions are not being complied with by student. Student(s) may reapply each year before the start of the academic year. The Scholarship excludes current & past Strategic Academy students. The Brandon Tyler Narleski Martial Arts Scholarship is 100% not in conjunction with The Brandon Tyler Narleski Charitable Foundation.


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