Alex, Frankie & Mike Win At Men Of War

Men of War, Grappling, BJJ

This past weekend, Alex Nemeth, Mike Diaz, & Frankie Scamporino all competed at the first  “Men of War” event at iPLAy America in Freehold, New Jersey. Although it was only “Men Of War”s first event, they did an awesome job. The event was organized, professional and featured some high level grapplers. Alex, Frankie & Mike won their respective matches. Mike and Frankie won their matches by submission and Alex won his match by decision against a tough opponent. Stay tuned to these three talented grapplers on their journey. Also, please make sure to support these gentlemen at future events as well. In other words, we hope to see everyone come out on June 2nd and support the team at the next “Men Of War” event.



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