Celebrating Ismael and Rebecca: National Champions Shine Again!

WKA, Kickboxing, national champion

In the world of kickboxing, the Strategic Academy Gym has once again proven its excellence. Ismael and Rebecca, two remarkable talents, have proudly claimed the titles of National Champions at the WKA Kickboxing Tournament.

Ismael, with his unwavering determination, has secured his second consecutive National Championship in the 132 lbs Open Class category. His dedication to the sport shines brightly.

Rebecca, a two-time WKA National Champion with an impressive 6-0 record, continues to impress us all with her incredible talent and commitment. Her achievements are nothing short of inspiring.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to our outstanding coaches, Coach Tiago, Coach Nestor, & Coach Thinh, whose guidance has been pivotal in shaping Ismael and Rebecca into the national champions they are today. A very special thank you to Christian for assisting in preparation as well as in the corner over the weekend.

We also extend our gratitude to all our training partners for their unwavering support and dedication. To everyone who traveled down to Delaware in support, we are grateful.

Ismael and Rebecca, your championship victories have brought immense pride to our gym. Here’s to many more successful journeys ahead! We would also like to congratulate Amanda and Alex on their victories as well.

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