Congratulations Coach Joe Botti – National Boxing Hall of Fame Induction

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In a thrilling revelation, the boxing world has learned that Coach Joe Botti, the new guiding force behind the Strategic Academy boxing program, is on the verge of induction into the National Boxing Hall of Fame. Also, the announcement places him in esteemed company alongside legends such as Roy Jones Jr., Arturo Gatti, Tito Trinidad, Shane Mosley, Mickey Ward, Marco Antonio Barrera, Barbara Buttrick, and Stitch Duran, with the red carpet and ceremony set for April 28th, 2024, in Montebello, California.

Coach Joe’s imminent induction is a testament to a remarkable career:

·         Golden Glove Mastery: Under his guidance, 34 Golden Glove Champions have emerged, showcasing his talent in molding champions.

·         Junior Champions Factory: Over 100 Junior Champions have flourished under his mentorship, a testament to his ability to nurture budding talent.

·         Grand Stage Presence: His fighters have graced the prestigious platforms of HBO, Showtime, ESPN, and Madison Square Garden, a testament to the high caliber of his training.

·         State and National Impact: As Head Coach of NJ National Teams, Coach Joe has led his teams to 7 first-place finishes, making an enduring mark on the state’s boxing landscape.

·         Breaking Barriers: A trailblazer, he trained the first female amateur fighter in the NJ/NY Metro area, paving the way for inclusivity in the sport.

·         Literary Legacy: Beyond the ring, Coach Joe’s historical books, including “Thunder & Lightning: The Fighting Gatti Brothers” and “Joe Jeannette: Boxing’s Ironman,” contribute to boxing’s rich history.

As the boxing community eagerly awaits the red carpet affair on April 28th, the imminent induction of Coach Joe Botti into the National Boxing Hall of Fame promises to be a momentous occasion—a recognition of a lifetime dedicated to shaping champions and leaving an indelible mark on the sport.

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