Our Youth Mixed Martial Arts Program Has A New Space

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Mixed Martial Arts is a versatile full-contact combat sport that builds strength, character, and self-esteem.  Are you a fan of Brazilian jiu-jitsu or a kickboxing enthusiast?  Or are you just interested in learning a little self-defense?  MMA classes can help you achieve your goals and gain confidence at the same time. Far too often, people think of Mixed Martial Arts as a sport for adults.  However, this goal-oriented activity benefits all ages.  We here at Strategic Combat Academy invest heavily in the future of our youth program.  To prove it, we’re proud to announce our new addition for our Little Warriors program.

Introducing Our New Addition

Because we’re committed to building up our Little Warriors. Therefore, we’ve just built a new addition at their Mixed Martial Arts Academy solely for the kids.  The new addition is 3,100 square feet in total with 1,500 square feet of brand new Dollamur Flexi-Connect mats. Above all, this brand new addition gives kids a professional space to safely and smartly train like true warriors.

We also know the joy of seeing your child grow into a strong and confident warrior.  That’s why we’ve added a waiting room for parents.  The waiting room has a window for parents to see into the classroom.  We also decked it out with cubbies for the kids to store their belongings during class.  There’s even a television in case you want to stay and wait while your child trains!

Our Youth Mixed Martial Arts Program

Here at Strategic Combat Academy, we run a Little Warriors program for youth ages 6 to 12 years old.  We use an age-appropriate combination of martial arts techniques and self-defense classes to promote confidence and combat bullying in today’s society.  Bullying is an unfortunate reality that’s rapidly growing in our nation.  Our Little Warrior program gives kids the opportunity to learn the self-defense skills they need to really defend themselves.

Outside of fighting the bullying epidemic, the Little Warriors program helps kids stay active.  Today’s sedentary world is full of iPhones and video games.  That’s why it’s more important than ever to give kids a regular physical routine with positive reinforcement and goals to achieve.  MMA classes build a child’s self-esteem and help them along the way toward a future full of ambition and success.  We encourage every child to do their best, and any child can benefit.

What You Can Expect

The professional coaching staff here at Strategic Combat Academy are all currently active MMA competitors.  That means that your kids will be learning mixed martial arts from the best.  The staff is experienced in teaching a program of self-defense skills from kickboxing to wrestling to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  We also strongly focus on athletic development and conditioning exercises to ensure endurance and stamina. In the near future, we will be starting a competition team. Although every child may not compete, we will make sure to provide an outlet for those interested.

When you give a child consistent goals and positive reinforcement, they feel like they can do anything.  Our staff at Strategic Combat Academy hopes to help your child believe in him/herself.  After all, the children are our future.  And with a new addition for Little Warriors to train, the future’s looking bright.

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Our staff is fully dedicated to providing the highest quality training possible. We believe in the following basic principles to succeed: Humility, Honor, Respect, Courage, Focus and Integrity.

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