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Sal Profaci, Wrestling , Startegic Academy

Today, we are happy to announce that we have added Sal Profaci to the Strategic Academy coaching staff. Coach Sal will be coaching the adult wrestling practices when we reopen and are able to offer classes again. We look forward to seeing everyone soon and believe this will be a great compliment to our grappling and mixed martial arts program.


In college, Sal Profaci competed 4 Years Varsity at University of Michigan and 1 Year at American University. While at American University, Sal was the Team Captain and team MVP. Not only was Sal a 2x D1 NCAA qualifier and placed 4th at the FILA Junior Nationals. He possesses a very technical style, grit and a very intelligent and cerebral approach. While in college, Sal was names Geico Student Athlete of the Week. During his final year, he was ranked 12th in the nation during final season at American, and was slated to compete at the D1 NCAA Championships before the tournament was canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic. 

High School:

While attending Monroe High School, Sal was a 4x District Champion, 2x Greater Middlesex Conference champion, and a 2x Region Champion. As well as a 2x State Place Winner in New Jersey. On top of having a very successful career in competitions in New Jersey, Sal was also a Super 32 All American, Fargo All American, and North East Regional Champion.


We look forward to reopening and seeing everyone in the near future. Just know that while we have been closed due to COVID-19, we have been working hard to bring you the best coaching staff. As well as coming up with new programs and policies to ensure everyone’s safety while getting an amazing high level of coaching at the academy. May everyone and your families remain safe, healthy and mentally strong during these times. Peace and blessings to all and we will see you soon.

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