Strategic Academy Jiu-Jitsu Triumphs: Exceptional Wins by our Competitors

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This weekend, Strategic Academy Jiu-Jitsu showcased exceptional skill with outstanding victories across key tournaments. James, a resilient blue belt, showcased his determination at the NAGA tournament, clinching gold in the challenging purple adult weight division. His strategic approach prevailed in two tough matches, ultimately securing victory through points—a testament to his tenacity and skill.

Meanwhile, Junior, recognized as one of the team’s toughest competitors, dominated the absolute adult purple division at NAGA. His performances were nothing short of spectacular, winning both matches by submission and securing a well-deserved gold.

Adding to the triumphs, Jariel, in only his second Jiu-Jitsu competition secured bronze in the adult gi weight division at NAGA. Zach’s victory in a super fight at the Finishers Open 14 added to the weekend’s success. Across the country, Max Abe earned silver at the IBJJF Sacramento Open, highlighting the team’s versatility.

Congratulations to the entire Strategic Academy team for these remarkable achievements. Profound thanks to Professor Thiago Saldanha for his coaching brilliance. The future looks bright for Strategic Academy Jiu-Jitsu, and we anticipate more triumphs ahead.

BJJ, IBJJF, Strategic Academy, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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