Gold Medal , NJBJJF , Strategic Academy , 1st Place

Congratulations to the Strategic Jiu-Jitsu team for their impressive 14 gold medals, of which 12 came from the adult team, earning the gym the #1 overall adults in the New Jersey Open – NJBJJF Tournament! Under the guidance of Professor Thiago Saldanha, a world class multi-time IBJJF gold medalist, the team did amazing. From 1st time white belt competitors to experienced blue and purple belt competitors, everyone really put on an impressive performance and showed true commitment and skills. With a combined 25 gold and silver medals for the tournament, Strategic earned #4 Best Academy! Thank you to all friends, family and training partners that attended the event, the support and energy was truly inspiring and kept the team strong and on point. We look forward to continuing the momentum of the team’s success and bringing more gold medals back home!

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team. – Phil Jackson

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Our staff is fully dedicated to providing the highest quality training possible. We believe in the following basic principles to succeed: Humility, Honor, Respect, Courage, Focus and Integrity.

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