Strategic Academy Ranks #1 Adult Gi At The American Grappling Federation

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The American Grappling Federation tournament this weekend marked an extraordinary day for Strategic Academy, as the students delivered remarkable performances that led the academy to secure the top spot for adults in Gi. Strategic Academy dominated the mats, boasting 5 adults and 1 child who collectively earned an impressive 7 gold medals and 2 bronze medals. All the adult competitors stood atop the podium with gold medals in hand – what an amazing achievement!

Summary of the tournament:

Humberto (Junior)
Adult Gi | GOLD
Absolute Gi | GOLD
Adult Gi | GOLD
Adult No-Gi | BRONZE
Adult Gi | GOLD
Absolute Gi | GOLD
Adult No-Gi | GOLD
Adult Gi | GOLD
Kids No-Gi | BRONZE

The day was filled with excitement and an abundance of positive energy, as the students showcased their skills on the mats, demonstrating their true potential.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to Professor Mike Diaz, whose exceptional coaching guided all the students throughout the tournament, ultimately propelling the Academy to claim the coveted #1 position for best adults in Gi and a remarkable #3 spot for best overall academy at The American Grappling Federation. This accomplishment speaks volumes about the resilience and proficiency of our students, fostered under the tutelage of the world-class competitor and athlete, Professor Thiago Saldanha.

Appreciation extends to our dedicated training partners, whose unwavering commitment to daily training not only contributes to their own growth and excellence in their jiu-jitsu journey but also provides invaluable support to our competitors. Special gratitude to all of our jiu-jitsu Professors, who share their knowledge and offer the best guidance to our students every day. Thank you, Professor Thiago, Professor Mike, and Professor Alex.

Let’s continue to expand our competition program and consistently shine at tournaments, showcasing the remarkable talent and dedication of Strategic Academy’s martial artists!

The American Grappling Federation Results

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