13-15 Year Old Youth Golden Gloves Program

Golden Gloves, Boxing, Teens, Strategic Academy

Last month, we started the NJ Youth Golden Gloves program for children 8 to 12 years of age at Strategic Academy. Today, we are expanding on the program and adding classes for indivduals from 13-15 years of age. The program will be coached by Dan Doyle who is the President and franchise holder of the New Jersey […]

NJ Jr. Golden Gloves Boxing Camp With Coach Dan Doyle

Golden Gloves, Boxing, Dan Doyle, Jr. Boxing Camp

First off, we would like to welcome back head boxing Coach Dan Doyle.  Also, we are proud to introduce a new program at Strategic Academy. Starting June1st, we will offer the NJ Jr. Golden Gloves Boxing Camp. Not only is Coach Dany Doyle the President and franchise holder of the New Jersey Golden Gloves, but […]

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