Triumphant Night at Queens Theatre: Celebrating Kickboxing Excellence with Ismael and Peter

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Triumphant Night at Queens Theatre: Celebrating Kickboxing Excellence with Ismael and Peter

Queens, NY – The Queens Theatre was ablaze with excitement as two of our standout warriors from the Strategic Academy, Ismael and Peter, took the spotlight at the recent Parabellum event. Friends and family turned out in force, creating an atmosphere pulsating with sheer enthusiasm.

In a riveting showdown, Ismael emerged victorious, claiming a well-deserved win by unanimous decision after three intense rounds. His strategic brilliance and skill left the crowd in awe, rightfully earning him the standout title of the night.

In the 135 lbs belt fight under K1 rules, Peter exhibited remarkable tenacity, engaging in a tough and spirited battle. Despite the decision not swinging in his favor, Peter’s performance was nothing short of stellar. He cranked up the intensity, showcased incredible skill, and gave it his all—a true display of warrior spirit.

A big thank you goes out to Coach Tiago, Coach John, and Coach Nes for their invaluable guidance, shaping Peter and Ismael for success. Also, a special thanks to Thinh and Christian, as well as the entire Strategic Kickboxing team, for their outstanding support and corner work throughout the training camp and the fight. As well as the encouragement from teammates, both in the corner and among the crowd, heightened the energy, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie.

Friends and family, you were the heartbeat of the evening, cheering on both fighters every step of the way. Despite Peter’s loss, the overwhelming positivity is a testament to his outstanding performance. He fought a tough fight, displayed incredible skill, and embodied the essence of the Strategic Academy.

The journey continues, fueled by the unwavering spirit of these kickboxing marvels and the undeniable support of their community. Congratulations to Ismael for your well-earned victory, and Peter, your resilient and stellar performance has made us immensely proud! Onward and upward!

Kickboxing, Pareabellum , Queens, Strategic Academy

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