Strategic Academy Jiu-Jitsu Triumphs: Exceptional Wins by our Competitors

BJJ, Strategic Academy , NAGA , Gold Medals

This weekend, Strategic Academy Jiu-Jitsu showcased exceptional skill with outstanding victories across key tournaments. James, a resilient blue belt, showcased his determination at the NAGA tournament, clinching gold in the challenging purple adult weight division. His strategic approach prevailed in two tough matches, ultimately securing victory through points—a testament to his tenacity and skill. Meanwhile, […]

Celebrating Ismael and Rebecca: National Champions Shine Again!

WKA, Kickboxing, national champion

In the world of kickboxing, the Strategic Academy Gym has once again proven its excellence. Ismael and Rebecca, two remarkable talents, have proudly claimed the titles of National Champions at the WKA Kickboxing Tournament. Ismael, with his unwavering determination, has secured his second consecutive National Championship in the 132 lbs Open Class category. His dedication […]

Strategic Academy Ranks #2 Best Academy At NJBJJF

NJBJJF , BJJ, Strategic Academy,

Congratulations to our kid and adult competitors on their amazing achievements at the NJBJJF Jiu Jitsu Tournament this past weekend!  We are so proud of our team for placing #2 Best Academy at NJBJJF. Your determination and resilience is inspiring. Our kids’ team really stole the spotlight, clinching an impressive 6 golds, 5 silvers, and […]

Triumph and Glory at the New York Open Jiu-Jitsu Tournament

NY Open , BJJ , Brazilian Jiu Jitsu , Gold Medal ,

In a triumphant display of skill and camaraderie, Strategic Academy’s students excelled at the long-awaited IBJJF New York Open. This event marked the return of the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation to New York after a four-year hiatus, and the energy at the David S. Mack Sports and Exhibition Complex was electric, with participants and spectators […]

Gabrielle Roman Wins Via TKO at BKFC 47

BKFC Gabrielle Roman BKFC 47

We would like to congratulate Gabby on her 1st round TKO victory this past weekend at BKFC 47 in Lakeland, Florida. Not only did she win via TKO, she received Performance of The Night honors. This was Gabby’s 2nd fight in the BKFC promotion and against a very tough experienced competitor. On only 4 weeks […]


Strategic BJJ takes 2nd place

We are thrilled to share the amazing achievements of our Jiu-Jitsu competition team at the recent NJBJJF tournament! Our talented team of 12 competitors showed incredible skills and determination, winning an impressive number of medals. They earned 10 gold, 6 silver, and 1 bronze medal, proving their skills in their weight classes and divisions. Strategic’s […]

Rebecca Improves To 2-0

Kickboxing , Rebecca , Dead Serious MMA, World Class Kickboxing Championship

This past weekend, Rebecca improved her Kickboxing record to 2-0 with a dominant unanimous decision. Rebecca competed for Dead Serious Promotions at their World Class Kickboxing Championship in Atlantic City, NJ. We would like to congratulate Rebecca on her victory this past weekend and we look forward to continuing the progressions and getting ready for the next […]


Gold Medal , NJBJJF , Strategic Academy , 1st Place

Congratulations to the Strategic Jiu-Jitsu team for their impressive 14 gold medals, of which 12 came from the adult team, earning the gym the #1 overall adults in the New Jersey Open – NJBJJF Tournament! Under the guidance of Professor Thiago Saldanha, a world class multi-time IBJJF gold medalist, the team did amazing. From 1st time […]

Gavin Wins His Amateur MMA Debut

MMA, Dead Serious MMA , Strategic Academy

This past weekend, Gavin made his amateur MMA debut for Dead Serious Promotions in Atlantic City, NJ. We would like to congratulate him on the unanimous decision victory. Gavin has been at the academy for the past two years and has displayed great work ethic and dedication. We are very proud of you on your […]

Omaira Molina Ranks Remains Undefeated In Karate Combat

Omair Molina, Karate Combat, Martial Arts, Kickboxing

International martial arts competitor and current Strategic student Omaira Molina continues her reign as top in her division for Karate Combat this year. This Venezuelan native has represented her country for almost a decade in her chosen sport of karate. Despite moving to Panama and finally the United States for improved opportunities and training with […]